Change of Address

Canada Post Mail Forwarding 

Canada Post offers a mail forwarding system for a set period of time.  They usually need about 10-14 days advance notice to guarantee forwarding for a specific date. Depending on how long you have been at your current address, how much paper mail you receive and how diligent you are at updating your contacts, you may elect a short or longer period of automatic forwarding to your new home to ensure no future documents get missed.

What type of mail is forwarded?

When you purchase Mail Forwarding, Lettermail™, Registered Mail™ and magazines addressed to your original address will be forwarded.
Parcels (e.g. Expedited Parcel™, Regular Parcel™) and prepaid envelopes are excluded from this service. If you’re expecting parcel deliveries you must advise the sender(s) of your new address, even when you have the Mail Forwarding service in place.

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Change of Address Checklist

You will need to coordinate for transfer of account or set up of new accounts for your new home in advance of the closing date. We usually suggest doing this about 3 weeks before the closing. Here is a summary of the most common ---- when changing your address. 


  • Hydro Ottawa
  • Ottawa Water/Sewer
  • Enbridge Gas
  • Cable/TV
  • Internet
  • Cell Phone/Home Phone
  • Rental h.w.t
  • Rental furnace
  • Rental alarm monitoring


  • Employer
  • Bank
  • Credit Cards
  • Pension
  • Social Secuirty
  • Insurances
  • Canada Revenue Association


  • Doctor
  • Health Card
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist


  • Driver's License
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Schools
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Voter Registration
  • Veterinary